The Chattahoochee River tail-water, a year-round trout fishery, even at minimum flow is a large river.  The Chattahoochee River Tailwater flows through the 48 mile Chattahoochee National Park, which was designated so by President Jimmy Carter, and its surrounding communities.  Anglers fishing without a guide and/or boat often meet with only limited success.  Discovering the best stretches of water as well as proper flies and effective techniques can be a formidable task, especially with the limited amount of time most anglers have.  Long sections of the river are also unavailable for public access.  We are easily able to work these areas by fishing from a drift boat. 

Your trip will be aboard a Hyde Mckenzie style drift boat designed to keep you comfortable and dry while you are fighting that trophy rainbow or brown trout on the end of your line.  With the boats low profile sides you will find it is much easier to enter and exit than a traditional high side drift boat.  The design incorporates level floors throughout allowing for stable maneuvering, Temperest seats where you can sit comfortably and well designed casting braces which allow you to stand safely while casting to productive trout lies.​​  The Hyde drift boat is well outfitted with all the accessories needed to make your trip both comfortable and productive. Along with the latest equipment and hand tied flies you are sure to have an enjoyable experience. 

Whether you are a seasoned angler looking to learn more about your local water and techniques to make your time productive on the Chattahoochee or a beginning angler new to fly fishing, we are you resource to smarter and more productive fishing.  ​​
The Chattahoochee River
All Chattahoochee Tailwater guided trips are through River through Atlanta River Guide Service.   River through Atlanta can be reached 770.650.8630 or at
 Rates:   Full Day      $400.00
Half Day     $300.00
*All Gratuities appreciated